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Guitar Player - Edição 77

"Lots of swing and good taste are present on the 11 instrumental tracks of Circular, the first solo record of the guitarist, composer and producer Roberto Rosemberg. Displaying technique and sensibility on the acoustic and electric guitar, Roberto develops nice compositions followed by a sharp team of musicians and an excellent horn section. The album brings together elements of Jazz, Blues, Funk and Salsa, mixed to Brazilian melodies and rhythms such as the Samba-Choro, Afoxé, Chorinho and Baião.

Jornal do Commercio - 16/09/02

''The recipe has simple ingredients: They include a sweet beat of Bossa Nova, Caribbean rhythim spices and generous portions of Jazz. Mix it up with the power of Frevo and Xote for some minutes, and add a bit of Samba and a cup of Chorinho. For a final touch, pour some other rhythms pieces. It's done. This fine dish will make the happiness of the ones who appreciate Brazilian instrumental music. The recipe goes by the name of "Circular" and its author, the composer and guitarist Roberto Rosemberg, who has just released his album."

Jornal do Brasil - 13/08/02

''In Circular, Roberto Rosemberg performs 11 good songs, making it clear that aside from being a fine guitarist, he also has the talent to compose well above the average. He invited for his album a nice team of musicians, and what is best, gave freedom to all of them. Rosemberg is able to go through different styles with fluency, and intimacy, always safe and discrete. Remark to the opening track of the album, "Conversa Fiada", and the Caribbean "El Tumbao"."

O Pasquim - 33rd week of 2002.

"Experts on the subject state that he is one of the best guitarists of the new generation. If he is not, I can say that few got so close. Roberto Rosemberg comes from good schools and the finest influences - Miles Davis, Hermeto Pascoal and Moacir Santos are among them. Roberto has just released a primorous and delicate album, where in every song we can find the hard work put on the album: Circular (...)"

O Globo - 16/08/02

''In the album Circular (independent), guitarist Roberto Rosemberg mixes Caribbean and Northeastern Brazilian rhythms, always completed by Jazz moves. Aside of good compositions, the album counts with the participation of an experienced team of musicians, such as the percussionist Dom Chacal and the saxophone player Edgar Duvivier"


Guitar Player - April 2003

"Circular" has great moments, like when the horns mingle with Rosemberg's guitar during the samba-funk "Conversa Fiada", the blues "Mr. Davis"(honouring Miles Davis), the choro "Lucy" or the energical soul-bop "Circular". "The brazilian rhythms are endlessly rich" he says, "I have listened to many blues guitar players and I'm extremely fond of jazz. When I conceived the album, I thought of joining these three elements. I like the idea of there being a strong cultural link between the three Americas."



Cover Guitarra - April 2003

''Good music for everyone."


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