''In Circular, Roberto Rosemberg performs 11 good songs, making it clear that aside from being a fine guitarrist, he also has the talent to compose well above the average. He invited for his album a nice team of musicians, and what is best, gave freedom to all of them. Rosemberg is able to go through different styles with fluency, and intimacy, always safe and discrete. Remark to the opening track of the album, "Conversa Fiada", and the Caribbean "El Tumbao".
(Jornal do Brasil 08-13-02)

Circular, that is the title that Roberto Rosemberg chose to baptize his first album, released August 2002, in Rio de Janeiro. The album features 11 instrumental tracks all by Roberto Rosemberg, in which the Brazilian rhythms, melodies and nuances are mixed with Jazz, Blues and Afro Latin styles. Confirming his maturity as a composer, the album has been receiving excelent reviews. It was a careful work in which Roberto searched for balance between arrangement, composition and improvisation, obtaining unity within diversity.

The title Circular expresses well the feeling of travelling through different sonorous sceneries that the album proposes, as well as passing the idea of the closure of a circle. A strong Brazilian accent permeates the whole album alongside Caribbean sonorities and Blues, reminding us of the common roots in these cultures. Jazz is represented by improvisation, a spontaneous element of creation present in all tracks.

The album Circular, a careful work, with a high level of instrumental performance not only by the quality of the musicians, but also by their experience in working with Rosemberg's compositions, features a basic sextet formed by Roberto Rosemberg (electric and acoustic guitars), Fernando Moraes (keyboards), Tino Junior (sax and flute), Ênio Santos (electric bass), Kesso Fernandes (drums) and Dom Chacal (percussion), plus very special guests like Bruce Henry (acoustic bass), Ricardo Costa (drums and percussion), Zé Luis Maia (electric bass), Mário Delgado (drums), Edgar Duvivier (soprano sax), David Ganc (flute), Nilton Rodrigues (flugelhorn), Luizão Ramos (trumpet), Johnson Almeida (trombone), Marlon Sette (trombone), Marcus Llerena (acoustic guitar) and Flavio Goulart (additional keyboards and electronic percussion). Flavio Goulart, co-producer of the album, also wrote the horn arrangements.

The eleven tracks of the CD are :

1 - CONVERSA FIADA (JIVE TALK) - In a typical "carioca" atmosphere, the opening track of the CD brings us the horn section, featuring the swinging melody of this samba-funky inspired by the sound of Banda Black Rio. Outstanding are the solos by Roberto Rosemberg on eletric guitar, Fernando Moraes on the keyboards and the extraordinary rhythm section with Ênio Santos on bass, Kesso Fernandes on drums and Don Chacal and Ricardo Costa on percussion.

2 - EL TUMBAO - Another very swinging theme, where the first part starts with a rhythm from Bahia called "afoxé" and the second one with an afro-cuban salsa. Notice the beautiful and very brazilian melody exposed by Roberto's guitar, the extraordinary piano solo by Fernando Moraes and the horn arrangement creating a "tropical big band" party atmosphere. The same rhythm section of Conversa Fiada (Jive Talk) comes next.

3 - RESGATE (RESCUE) - A lyric theme of latin flavour, supported by a more acoustic group where Roberto's steel string acoustic guitar, Bruce Henry's acoustic bass and Ricardo Costa's drums give a touch of lightness to the composition. The beautiful arrangement by Flavio Goulart for the flute of David Ganc and Nilton Rodrigue's flugelhorn reinforce the atmosphere, creating a delicate background in counterpoint.

4 - UMA ROSA PARA CARTOLA (A ROSE FOR CARTOLA) - Another very "carioca" composition. A "samba-choro" dedicated to two great musical talents of Rio de Janeiro, Noel Rosa and Cartola. Great participation of Edgar Duvivier on soprano sax in a revival theme of the old bohemian days of the "cidade maravilhosa"(marvelous city).

5 - Mr. DAVIS - composed in memory of the great Miles Davis, reviving the dense and mysterious image of this outstanding jazz personality. A minor key blues in style,the second part brings an atmosphere of pronounced african beat. The orchestral sound of the horn section enhaces Roberto's bluesy guitar and the very special trumpet solo by Luizão Ramos.

6 - DEUSA DA CHUVA (RAIN GODDESS) - Another composition inspired by the "afoxé" beat, this theme aims to describe in sounds the sensation of rainfall on a tropical forest. Excellent solos from Tino Junior on soprano sax and Roberto Rosemberg on steel string acoustic guitar, contributing for the richness of this most brazilian tune.

7 - LILI - Funky theme following the tradition of a more danceable jazz style. Good melodic-harmonic development supported by a strong groove are the basic ingredients of this light and pleasant tune. Zé Luis Maia's bass with lots of swing worthy of notice.

8 - LUCY - The language of counterpoint was chosen here to expose the melodic line of this "choro", that shows a touch of contemporary harmony. With the special participations of Marcus Llerena, a celebrated classical guitar player, and David Ganc on flute, the first solo is inspired by the "ciranda" rhythm, the second one by jazz, and then coming back to the original counterpoint theme. The result is a rich amalgam of styles, demonstrating the evolutive possibilities of choro.

9 - AZUL (BLUE) - Ballad-blues oscillating between ternary and quaternary rhythms. Worth pointing out the virtuoso tenor sax solo by Tino Junior.

10 - FULÔ BUNITA (BEAUTIFUL FLOWER) - An enthusiast of the immense musical riches of Northeast Brazil, Roberto, with this vigorous "baião", pays homage to one of the musicians who most influenced him, the great Hermeto Pascoal. The very well constructed guitar solo by Roberto has a fierce quality and makes use of northeastern motives in its development. During the sequence, David's Ganc agile flute improvises openly, creating the intended regional/modern atmosphere.

11 - CIRCULAR - Due to its form developing in different sections of different styles and finally coming back to its initial theme, the title of this tune baptized the CD and its whole concept . Featured by the "big sound" of the horn section, the theme strolls from soul to blues-bop and finally brings us the excellent solo " à la Jaco Pastorius" by Ênio Santos, the main bass player of this album.

The album can be acquired here.

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